whenever we look back to see what we have been through in the past, most people often use their fixating mentality. they feel insufficient that things need to be changed or those mistakes should not happen. Or, they want to have done more. In either way, "what if" is what we always hear....what if this...what if that...

but if we really look into each life situation well enough, we have done our best already--at least, the best we can do at that point. however, we all know that we have a lot of limitation. the question is 'do we really want to extend and open up beyond that?" If yes, that's how the journey begins. If no, nothing happens and the pattern will still be there.

To me, having taken a lot of leaps and having left a lot of things behind, I know that we can't avoid making mistakes. However, each mistake or life situation seems to have its own intelligence that we can relate with and learn from. as practitioners, when we start to trust that basic intelligence within us and let things unfold in their own ways, we begin to relax, learn, and grow.

there's no need to jump from one thing to the next, skip one thing after another. we don't have to pick and choose. just relax and trust the unfolding situations, which means just relate to any experience directly and be awake to it.

then, anything seems workable. There's no such thing as an obstacle or mistake. everything happens with certain reasons in order to bring us some messages.

therefore, everything is ok and perfect as it always is. things are always in process of changing, transforming, renewing, and dieing out. and we just need to acknowledge it and live our life according to the truth that we discover from every unfolding situation