lonely warrior

i am willing to be completely naked to anyone who wants to know about my life.
i would like to share things I have learned so far to as many people as possible.

but sometimes the whole conventional world that most people live in as well as their own projection toward what I am doing begin to confuse me very badly.

...i know it's not their problems at all. It is all about 'me'.

i know that everyday i need to cultivate and trust inner space in order to benefit others truly without expecting the outcome.

i know that what i want is not a kind of territory of my self-arrogance, but genuine nakedness to whatever would come toward me, including all uncomfortable energy, blames and judgements.

i still have many things I need to learn and practice to become who i really am completely no matter how other people would think about me.

open, vichak...open

trust the unfolding situations;

& love more...