auspicious day

sitting with the sangha;
the warmth of the practice fills up every corner of the room.
we sit together, hold our space; pain, loneliness.
but, something emerges out....beauty we can share.

meeting with vajra brothers and sisters;
i realize there's someone's experience i can resonate with.
something is hard to be grasped with rational mind.
it makes no sense, but it's real in our experience.
Thanks, Chris.

dinner with a wonderful prophet of God.
share the sacred vision.
she gave me lights and inspiration
"trust your heart."

trust, trust, trust;
whoelse i can trust, but myself.
something emerges out.
O, guru i feel your presence in my heart of sadness.

burn all arrogance in the fire of awareness.
soak 'vichak' in the blood of his ego.
tear him apart with feedbacks and insults.

my father garuda,
i call upon you with every drop of tear and sweat.