In working with other people, we always need to take the long term view. We may see what needs to happen and wants to happen in order for this other person to move closer toward his or her own wholeness. But then often we become impatient and want to force the situation. We need to take the attitude that, with others, we are always sowing seeds. We need to respect their karmic situation right now and understand that this is the best ground, and the only possible ground, into which we can sow these seeds. But we need to realize that these seeds may not sprout right away. In fact, it might be years or even decades, perhaps after we are gone, before any result of these seeds become visible. If we can learn to develop that kind of patience in working with others, our insight will be clarified, our work will be much more realistic and effective, and others will feel much better served and much better loved.

reggie ray