breaking up?

Relationships are hard. However, I also think about it the other way. Relationships are actually very easy and simple. They are also very fragile and always subjected to change according to mutual offerings between two people. It's funny when someone came to me and ask, "did you break up?" ....

"Breaking up." It's such an interesting term since we all know that there's still relationship going on between us still. It's just different from what was before; at the same time, it becomes real and more real in a way. So, I have to remind myself often that this is actually perfect...perfect as it is. The only thing I can do is not to run away, but to see clearly what's going on, get the message, and move on, instead of holding back and trying to hang on to my own version of reality. I realize that this is all part of the process which I will never know its ending. That's why it's so important to practice---at least, learning to be with myself and my inner process. Then, I can be alert and awake to the unknown and the unpredictable in this unfolding journey as much as possible.