international conference on buddhism

International Conference on Buddhism in the Age of Consumerism
1-3 December 2008
Organized by
The College of Religious Studies
Mahidol University, Thailand.

The conference will bring together people with diverse areas of expertise to collaborate in the pursuit of happiness for the entire human race in ways that fully take into account the realities of economics, politics, education, psychology and spiritual values. Holding the conference in Thailand where the majority of the population is Buddhist may provide a valuable opportunity to look at the challenge of consumerism against the background of Theravada Buddhist teachings and practices. The participants may see how Thai Buddhists manage to cope with the increasing influence of consumerism on their-lives and society. The conference will also be useful for Buddhists themselves in their struggle to grapple with this reality while remaining faithful to the teachings. Since this struggle is the experience not only of the Buddhists but also of those of other traditions the conference therefore will be useful for them as well.

The conference begins each day with lectures by invited speakers and will later break up into discussion groups to take up the issues presented in the lectures. This will enable participants to join in the discussion on the issue of their interest. Each group will select a representative to report its conclusions in a later plenary session.

Speakers include Alan Wallace, Joanna Macy, Matthieu Ricard.
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