on the journey of meditation

"บนเส้นทางแห่งการภาวนา" is a new piece of translation work i've just finished. It was originally an article named "Wait. Wait. For what?" by Reginald A. Ray publish in Shambhala Sun, May 2002. It is a nice article talking about meditation practice as a journey that all true practitioner have to make in order to understand who they really are.

this article will be splitted into two episodes. both will soon be published on Prachatai.com as well as Budpage.com.


read the article, "Wait. Wait. For what?" in English


museum of fine arts

during my parents' visit, i had a chance to go to Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with them. i really like the collection of ancient buddhist arts in this museum.

this is one of my favorites. it's a small altar filled with deities' amulets. i believe that it was created by a devoted tantric practitioner in Tibet.


bye bye naropa!

three years at naropa have been very strange, struggling, and interesting to me. there's so much to talk about, but nothing to blame. i have learned so much and grown up so much as a unique individual.

it's pretty sad that it comes the time i have to say good-bye to Naropa. But i know...that one day we will meet again.

retreat at Karme Choling

from May7 -July6, i spent 30 days at Karme Choling doing my solitary retreat. it turned out to be one of the most transformative retreats i've ever done in my life. the piece of forest at KCL was so beautiful and filled with so much powerful energy and support from the lineage.

print making

'Arts of Print Making: Tibetan Mandalas"
by Kotch Vora-Akhom
Exhibited at Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD)


put it aside

When we come to any kind of spiritual practice, we also bring so many ideas about what we want to accomplish. That mentality shows another kind of hope that some of our ideas are going to work. We wear our same old ideas with different kinds of clothes and call them “Spirituality”. However the practice we are doing will take care of itself by cutting through any kind of spiritual materialistic approach. The more we practice, the more we find that again those ideas about spirituality need to be put aside.


make a journey

We have all kinds of ideas about who we are and we spend our whole life realizing bit by bit that none of those ideas seems to be true. We somehow become very confused and extremely desperate. Most people choose to ignore that fact altogether and try to push through with so much struggle. That struggle all manifests in their inner life and their relationship with others.

However, there are also people who choose to surrender and accept the fact that their ideas of life need to be put aside. Then they begin to make a journey—a journey of their own discoveries in order to realize what life really means. It is a lonely journey because it is all about our individual, direct experience which cannot be told and predicted by anyone and cannot be found in any books or any spiritual traditions.



hot summer

it's extremely hot here in the East Coast.
i have come back and engaged into the world even more fully.

no purity or impurity,
no spirituality or anti-spirituality.
everything is pure, primordial luminosity.

it's life as the vast space,
accommodating all personal discoveries.

red is so red and black is black completely.
trust your journey so that
your mind can wear them all beautifully.