"the entire world is gold for me"

Dear Dhyanasangha Sisters and Brothers,

By the time you receive this letter,
Lee and I will have entered our 8 week, annual solitary retreats.
Lee will be practicing White Tara and the Six Yogas of Naropa
in our house and I will be focusing on Vajrakilaya and Mahamudra/Dzogchen in the Trungpa Rinpoche retreat cabin, just completed.

During this next month, please make practice a priority in your lives.
As Naropa said to Marpa many centuries ago when he threw Marpa's offering of hard-earned gold dust into the jungle,
"the entire world is gold to me."

But that realization, as a day to day living reality,
is gained only through our practice.

Let us never forget that.

Also, please remember that the path does not go forward
without challenges and obstacles to work through.
When things are difficult for us as practitioners-and I know
some folks are going through some tough times right now--
it is a sign that we are maturing in our experience of reality.
Realizing this, let us be inspired to practice with ever more devotion and commitment.

Lee and I will be thinking of you with much love, Reggie