on the other hand..

even though it's very nice to see pictures of my teachers and friends at Suanmokh in this event, i also have a lot of doubts in what Satientham is doing. of course, this event seems successful in a sense of PR and marketing, but what's the essence of it all, really?

hmm...i don't know.
this just doesn't feel right to me.
i don't think ajarn buddhadasa would be very happy about what they are trying to do here.

i'm critical in what i see not because i hate these people, but sometimes, i think we have to be extremely critical as a budddhist practitioner in order to maintain the integrity of the genuine dharma. it's not always good to say "oh...good good. everything is good. Anumodhana Anumodhana..". otherwise, there might be only a watered-down version of Buddhism in the very near future.