walking the path

"The tree is just magnificent. It stands alone, spreading its branches so elegantly. And the pink flowers are just breathtakingly beautiful. Despite the unfriendly environment, the tabebuia remains honest to the season. It grows and blooms courageously."

"The undeniable truth expresses itself in such an ordinary way. When we give ourselves time to contemplate on the manifestation of these natural truths, we are empowered and feel energised," said Rosana.

When the season's gone, Rosana has pictures of tabebuia to look at and to remind her that she must continue her uphill tasks, like Sisyphus.

"It's our duty to do the right thing, to persevere and persevere, to create positive karma, and the rest will be taken care of," she said.

"My spiritual teacher once told me that a Buddhist should grab any opportunity to do the right thing and to get things right, albeit small deeds. It doesn't matter if you succeed or fail. After all, Buddhism is the path and the goal in itself."

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from "Walking the path"
Outlook , Bangkok Post,
Sunday June 29, 2008