inner voice...

If you think you know me,...
I think your life is getting into a very big trouble.

I always feel that you have too much imagination
that is not really related to the present.
You always think you know how to relate to other people,
but that's not true, either.

your thinking might be true temporily, but in the long run,
it could be a very big obstable to really 'learn'
who those people really are.
It actually reflects back that you've hardly learned about yourself.

The learning process needs a lot of time....perhaps your whole life.
So, please stop thinking...
i know it's hard because you always do things all the time.
But please try a bit more....

to just experience what you are... moment by moment
...with all the unknown..the unpredictable.

Nothing is actually worth thinking, but everything is worth experiencing.
Every relationship is too unique to compare.

I am telling you something...
listen and don't let anyone confuse you..

The words cannot express what I want to tell you at all. On these days, while talking to you, I feel that often. The more I talk, the more you misunderstand what I want to express to you. But I will be patient. I will do my best in order to help you along this lonely journey. However, my concern is that you have to make your first step by yourself; otherwise, everything will definitely be as you already predict from what you think.

Please do not intepret profound teachings such as 'let everything go', 'relate to yourself', 'know who you are' ...from your thinking.

But, keep them close to your heart.
Don't intepret them right now.
One day it will reveal itself to you.
One day you will experience
..and finally embody their true meanings.

Be alone...keep going...
you...the lonely warrior.