vajra dharma

A cripple runs on the primordial plain.
A mute proclaims the dharma of prajna.
A deaf man listens to the command of mahayana.
At that time, mahamudra arises.
Saraha bursts out laughing.
The only father guru is very pleased.
Chögyam is drunk with the liquor of one taste.
At that time, a ganachakra occurs.
At that time, Marpa Lotsawa laughs.
From the suchness of the fourth abhisheka,
The transcendent world manifests.

No dharma, no source of dharma,
No existence, no manifestation of existence,
The dakini who devours the three worlds,
I pay homage to you who dry up the ocean.

Because I have no father or mother,
I always dwell alone.
Because I have no friends,
I am always surrounded by mirage friends.
These friends are like a treacherous pathway.
These parents are like poisonous food.
I am without friends or parents.
Always joyful, cultivating disciples,
I take delight in cultivating the dharma kingdom.
Getting old, still I grow younger.

Chögyam Trungpa

26 May 1979
Vajradhatu Seminary, Chateau Lake Louise