humble and open

when you have been working on yourself so seriously for quite a long time, there's tendency that you become so hard on yourself. then, instead of opening up to the world, you might become pessimistic and completely shutted down. At that point, your spritual practice might turn to be a method of escape from various possibilities in your life, from people you meet, and from your own wisdom and compassion.

Having been spending days with Ajarn Sulak, I learn to become more humble and generous to myself. I am so touched by the way he meets every person with such an open heart without any kind of agenda or bias. It's like what he says:

"I have been mindful in all that I said and did to other, even in my thoughts, and acted throughout the day with complete honesty toward each person I came into contact with, then may a new power be born. And by force of this new power, may I and all those in my world achieve through our work true happiness and prosperity."

Sulak Sivaraksa