' Do not trust '

From 'looking into the world'
a poem by Chogyam Trungpa

Loneliness is my habit--
I grew up in loneliness.
Like a rhinoceros
Loneliness is my companion--
I converse with myself.
Yet sometimes also,
lonely moon,
Sad and Happy
Come together.

Do not trust.
If you trust you are in
others' hands.
It is like the single yak
that defeats the wolves.
Herds panic and in trying to flee
Are attacked.
Remaining in solitude
you can never be defeated.
So do not trust,
for trust is surrendering oneself.
Never, never trust.

But be friendly.
By being friendly towards others
You increase your non-trusting.
The idea is to be independent,
Not involved,
Not glued, one might say, to others.
Thus one becomes ever more
Compassionate and friendly.
Whatever happens, stand on your own feet..

and memorise this incantation:

'do not trust'